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Who is Felie?

"Felie" is the contraction of my first and last name. My name is Florence Elie, I am 31 years old and I live in Villenave d'Ornon, near Bordeaux.

From an early age, I have no memory of playing with Lego. I discovered the Lego universe much later, when I was already an adult! 

How did "The Portraits of Felie" start?

The adventure began in November 2019, my sister and her spouse signed their PACS and I was looking for an original and personalized gift idea to offer them…. This is how the first frame of Portraits of Felie was born! 

Website opening

In March 2020, I launched myself and created the website Les Portraits De Felie, during the confinement period, all with the unwavering support of my spouse and my family, whom I ironically call my best VRP!

In April 2020, I recruit my two cats Knacky and Minicat as creation assistants… But after several months, I still doubt their effectiveness in carrying out the missions of their job descriptions…. 


Each frame is unique because it is made to measure from your wishes and desires. I put all my heart so that each achievement is in the image of yourself and your loved ones.