Welcome ! In order to access the dressing room of our figurines, we recommend that you navigate from a computer. Manufacturing times are currently 2 weeks for frames. The figurines alone are shipped within 1 to 2 working days Thank you for your understanding and good creation


Will I receive a preview of my frame before shipping?

Yes, we will always offer you 2 to 3 layout proposals that you will receive by email within 7 to 20 days following your order (variable according to the manufacturing time at the time of the order). All you have to do is let us know your preference. Then we will send you a photo of the model with the validated layout and the assembled figurines. It is possible to request adjustments until the assembly of the frame. 
However, we do not make a model before validation of the order.

How to know the production times?

We update the manufacturing time each week on the site, this information is available either on the banner above the menu or on the home page.

How to order a frame with custom figures?

Orders are placed online (via this link) first, by choosing a frame format and configuring your miniatures online (recommended from a computer). You will then be able to choose an atmosphere for
your frame, indicate the title and more details at the bottom of the basket.

Can I order the figurines alone in order to make my own frame?

Yes, it is possible to order the figures alone (via this link) on the website in the category "I order my personalized figurines (without frame)" in the shop tab.

Once my order has been placed, is it possible to make changes?

Yes, once your order has been placed it is possible to make changes. Adjustments can relate to the layout as well as to the figurines. Changes to figures may result in a refund or a surcharge on the total amount of your order.

Are there other parts available than those on the website?

Yes, not all parts are on the site. There are thousands of bricks; for this reason we cannot put them all on the website.
It is possible to express your wishes to us in comments at the bottom of the basket of your order.

If you need a specific piece you can also contact us via Facebook and Instagram or directly on the website by detailing your wish and we will be happy to do a search.

If the desired parts are not in stock, additional time will be required to receive the parts from our suppliers.

I saw a part on a photo but I can't find the part on the site, what should I do?

The parts available on the site depend on the current stock.

If necessary, you can make a request to us and we will see what is feasible.

My family has evolved, what options to modify the framework?

Each frame being specific, we invite you to send us your request with the photo of your frame and we will indicate the possible options.

In which countries do you deliver? 

We deliver throughout Europe thanks to Mondial Relay and Colissimo as well as worldwide thanks to Colissimo. 

Can I pick up my order on site to avoid shipping costs?

Yes, when ordering, you just have to tick the "pick up on site" box.
We are located in Villenave-D'ornon in New Aquitaine, France. 

If I order the same frame several times, is it possible to get a discount?

Yes, the first will be at the price indicated on the site and we will apply a 15% discount on the following identical frames.
For the discount to be applied, simply contact us via the website, Facebook or Instagram.

I'm too late to order, what can I do?

Three solutions are available to you:

1 - I order my frame and I ask you for a voucher showing the model in order to make the recipient wait (link example model).

Sample model: (Click here)

2 - I order my frame and I ask you for a voucher with some clues (without revealing the model) in order to keep the recipient in suspense.

Good to print for frames with custom figures: (click here)
Good to print for the frames with the superhero figurines : (click here)

3 - I order my figurines alone and I make my own frame (The figurines are dispatched within approximately 3 working days).

 I can't access the site, how do I order?

Our site has problems with some browsers, for this reason we recommend browsing from a computer (preferably with Google Chrome) or from a smartphone and tablet using the Desktop Browser web browsing application.

Desktop Browser link for IOS: (Click here)
Desktop Browser link for Android: (Click here)

Where are the creations made? 

Our creations are all "Made in France", they are designed in Villenave d'Ornon in Gironde. 

For any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

You can contact us by private message on Facebook or Instagram or directly via our website in the "contact" category.