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Calculate the price of my frame

Here is a list of the prices you will need in order to get a rough estimate for your frame: 

Frame prices (the color of the frame does not vary the price): 

Size  Recommended for Price 
10x15cm  1 figurines 22.00
13x18cm 1 to 6 figures €24.00
18x24cm 1 to 7 figures €29.00
21x30cm 1 to 7 figures 34.00
25x25cm 1 to 6 figures 29.00
24x30cm  4 to 13 figures 39.00
30x40cm 10 to 25 figures €40.00

Prices for child / adult / baby figurine: €5.90

Additional accessory prices: between 0.90 € and 2.90 €  (full price list here)

Prices for animal figurine: between 2.90€ and 4.90€  (full price list here)

Prices for superheroes: 3.00 



Scrabble wooden letters : €1.90

Gift wrap : €3.00


For transport prices, please click on this link