Welcome ! In order to access the dressing room of our figurines from smartphone and tablet, we recommend that you navigate from the Desktop Browser application. Manufacturing times are currently 10 days, remember to anticipate your orders in view of the summer holidays at the end of August/beginning of September. Thank you for your understanding.

How to order?

In order to place an order on our site, we recommend browsing from a computer (preferably Google Chrome) or from smartphone and tablet using the Desktop Brower web browsing application. Thank you for understanding.

Desktop Browser for IOS / Desktop Browser for Android

How to order my frame?

1 - I place my order

I choose my frame, my title and I compose my figurines online thanks to a selection of more than 400 bricks!

custom lego family portrait frame
custom lego family portrait frame

2- I validate my layout

I receive several layout proposals by email, I choose my favorite!

3 - I validate my figurines

I receive by email the photo of my figurines, with the layout chosen in the background. I can request adjustments if necessary.

custom lego family portrait frame

What are the current production times?

Manufacturing times are currently 10 days. These deadlines are updated according to the volume of orders in progress.

We will be on vacation from August 19, remember to anticipate your orders.

Thank you for your understanding

Thank you for your confidence !